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Don’t try to figure out the future – just take your next step

December 14, 2016
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How to bring your vision to life….
December 5, 2016
Genergy Coaching
Just stay on your path!
December 16, 2016

Don’t try to figure out the future –
just take your next step

The leaders we work with often have big visions (or do after they have been working with us a while!), They know instinctively what they are up to in the world, what they want to create and what the end goal is. However, sometimes there is a gap between what you know instinctively is possible and how to actually bring it into reality.

How do you match the dream with reality?
The challenge as I see it is that when you come up with a big idea you actually rarely know the ‘how’. In fact, I would say you never know the how if your idea is beyond what exists now. It’s like the part of us that comes up with the dream or vision is intuitive, connected to source and almost beyond us. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author, describes these creative opportunities as tapping into a genius beyond us, an idea waiting for one of us to grab hold of it and take it on. J.K Rowling speaks of her creativity in similar terms.

Then when we start to try to figure out how to deliver our idea, we engage our rational brain. This would be great apart fro the fact that it quite frankly doesn’t have a clue in this kind of stuff. You see the problem is that the brain only knows what it knows. It is good at processing information, it is good at reminding you what happened last time and it is good at telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t do something because it is too scary – none of which is very helpful at this point!

Keep connected to your intuition, what you know instinctively.
Your rational brain won’t give you the next step. You will know intuitively and, once you take that next step, you will know the next one. And so on. Yes, you can plan and budget and do all that logical stuff but only when you know intuitively that you are on track. Find whatever way you can to clear your mind, connect to your vision and let the next piece come to you. Go running, go into nature, dance to your favourite music, go and see some art – whatever lets you step out of the day to day and sense and know what is next.

And, don’t ever believe those who tell you that you have to do things a certain way!
You are the source and the creative inspiration behind what you are doing in your life. Other people can advise you but they don’t have the final answer – you do! I have met a lot of brilliant entrepreneurs. They are visionaries in my view in that they have set up something different from the norm, come up with different business models, been able to look at the world and their industry in a different way. They just know that they are onto something and it feels right, then a strange thing happens. Their business/organisation starts to grow, they employ a whole load of people and then they panic! They suddenly realise that they don’t know how to do this bit, that they don’t feel that they have the experience to run an organisation. And they start listening to the fears that their very intelligent brain comes up with. Then some business consultant or COO tells them that they HAVE to structure the company this way or that way, that they can only have a certain number of people on the Exec Team etc. I always say to these people – did anyone tell you how to set up this business? Did you do it ‘the way things are done’? The answer is always no. So, take advice, listen where appropriate but trust your intuition and take that next step. You do know more than you think!

So, a final thought from one of the greats
“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” Martin Luther King

If you’d like to learn more about how to bring your unique vision to life and have the courage and confidence to take your next big step, we’d love to hear from you.

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