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How to bring your vision to life….

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Don’t try to figure out the future – just take your next step
December 14, 2016

How to bring your vision to life…. And have a life!

Can you be someone with a big dream, a big vision and have a life too?
Not if you are doing it solo!
The challenge as I see it is that when you come up with a big idea you actually rarely know the ‘how’. In fact, I would say you never know the how if your idea is beyond what exists now. It’s like the part of us that comes up with the dream or vision is intuitive, connected to source and almost beyond us. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author, describes these creative opportunities as tapping into a genius beyond us, an idea waiting for one of us to grab hold of it and take it on. J.K Rowling speaks of her creativity in similar terms.
If you are like a lot of the leaders we work with you will be someone who is driven, someone who is passionate, someone who has a strong vision that you want to bring to life. You are also probably not just driven by the money (although it is nice!) but by a sense of making a difference in the world. Whatever your unique passion and organisation, your work can easily become an all-consuming project!

So, this is all good right? Who doesn’t want to work for someone driven and passionate? Someone who inspires me in in my day to day. Someone whose vision resonates with me?

Passion is amazing but there is a downside.
In all that passion and drive and commitment to succeed, do you end up doing a lot of the doing yourself? Do you find yourself working at weekends and into the evenings? Do you never really switch off because there is so much to do (even on holiday?)! Do you get to a place where you just feel like you need to just do it yourself because it is quicker and easier that way?

If you are nodding your head as you read this then you are not alone and it is not an easy cycle to break out of. We all know that we don’t think as well when we are worn out and have no space in our lives and yet for most of us it takes conscious effort not to drop into that pattern.

This is on my mind because it shows up a lot in the work we do with CEOs, founders and also senior leaders in business. We all know that all of us are ‘on’ more than we used to be. People can email us day and night, we carry mini computers in our pockets and don’t get me started on the pressures to keep social media updated! This makes it even more important that you can step out and stay creative and fresh. So how do you shift this? Here are 3 ways to break out of the pattern.
1: Ask yourself constantly – ‘Where does my value come from?’
Years ago, I heard a leader tell their team to ‘only do what only you can do’. You need to stay operating where you truly add value and that is leading and providing the vision and direction of travel for your people and organisation. To see clearly where the organisation can go next; what are the next exciting opportunities; to work with stakeholders and to actively spend time outside your organisation promoting your organisation and getting inspired yourself. You can’t do that if you are head down and doing other people’s jobs for them.

2: Really know that you can’t deliver your BIG vision alone!
You have to be able to get others to share the load – when you have a big vision you cannot deliver it all yourself. That’s why you have a team and/or an organisation around you. The only way to be truly successful is to have others truly engaged in what you do and be working away and delivering with minimum input from you. Now, this is probably the Holy Grail! How do you get others as motivated and driven as you are to deliver your vision? In the last 10 years of working with organisations, I seen many managers go on training to learn how to ‘empower’ their people. Generally it doesn’t work.

3: Make sure that ultimately the buck doesn’t stop with you?
There is something about us as human beings that unless the buck does truly stop with us, we don’t really take accountability for it. Even with the old notions of ‘empowerment’ the power was still really held with the boss. However, here is the good news. When you can share your unique vision in a way that is truly authentic to you and then enable each individual to make their own individual, unique connection to it then they really will be passionate and take accountability. I believe that, as individuals, we are all looking for meaning and purpose in our lives. For me to become more of me. When you allow people to see what resonates for them in your vision and how they can truly contribute, you will see the passion and commitment rise.

If you’d like to learn more about how to bring your unique vision to life, have energy and passion every day and create a passionate organisation that makes a difference, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to make contact

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