Genergy Leadership Coaching


Hi, I am Jonathan Cattell. I co-founded Genergy with my wife Lisa Cattell, and it has been a passionate part of our lives ever since. Sometimes described by the team as ‘Charlie out of Charlie’s Angels’, I run the business while the rest of our team develop our clients.
I enjoy then supporting-, leading- and organising our clients as they ready themselves for development by my colleagues.

I am often the first point of contact for people interested in working with us. If you’d like to discuss something, have any questions or simply need to understand more about what we do, I’ll be glad to help.

Multilingual, I enjoy listening to the world to sense new ways to learn and grow. My career began as a trainee military pilot, then I studied German, French and Russian before undertaking diverse roles around the world. I then conducted postgraduate academic research in different languages of Top Secret international politics, before writing a postgraduate thesis about the significance of Austria for MI6 and SOE during the transition from World War Two to the Cold War.

I am passionate about human lives and about understanding how to translate intentions and desires into results. As the key to communication that connects people is so often the unspoken, I have become passionate about the spokens and unspokens of life. I am passionate about understanding people in their language, at their source. This helps me connect- and translate these intentions to create life-changing connections for people. I love seeing the power of the improvement we create with our clients and being able to facilitate this.

Life has exceptional potential. Let’s live, learn, deliver lasting improvement and unlock new futures for others.

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