Genergy Leadership Coaching


Hi. I am Lisa Cattell. I am the co-founder of Genergy, entrepreneur, speaker, writer and facilitator of fabulous leaders and organisations. My mission in life is to help people live meaningful, passionate, purposeful lives and I created Genergy in order to help bring this about for leaders and in the world of work.
At Genergy, we help CEOs, founders and leaders to bring their visions to life and create passionate organisations that make a difference. As a leader this enables you to really achieve what you want to in the world and do it your unique way. I want you to love what you do, feel purpose and momentum every day and keep your energy and passion alive as you grow your vision and your organisation. I love to work with people who aren’t afraid to challenge the norm and recreate their world in new, fresh and meaningful ways.

Alongside my amazing team at Genergy, we are fortunate to work with some truly inspiring leaders and organisations. We often work with founders to help them keep the magic in organisations as they grow, and also love to work with more established businesses who want to create a significant shift in their culture. What unites them is their sense of purpose and passion. Recent clients include the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association), Penguin Random House, DK Books, NET-A-PORTER, L’Oreal, The Post Office, notonthehghstreet, Dominos and Browns.

Outside of my work, I love being with my family and being a mum to a gorgeous daughter (and a dog and cat!), living in the countryside in the lovely village of Cuckfield and I am passionate about cooking, health and nutrition and the ability of food to bring people together.