Genergy Leadership Coaching


I am Tash Stallard, a creative confidante, working with fabulous, award-winning, global businesses.

I provide Executive Coaching, Creative Leadership and Strategic Change Programmes to clients across publishing, elite sports, digital, PR, retail, banking, logistics, franchising, education and management consulting amongst others.

I have a knack for quickly spotting the human and organisational dynamics at play, supporting hundreds of individuals and organisations to create the compelling sustainable change they truly wish to see.

My experience and qualifications span accreditations in facilitation, individual and systemic change, coaching, consulting and leadership. I am often at the edges of the old and the new, quickly incorporating teachings and learnings back into my own practice to further support the big visions, needs and wants of my client base.

Things I love: belly laughs, unfiltered conversation, the wild creatives and the quiet ones, walking in nature to noodle out an issue, the quietness of a house when everyone has gone, shoes, books, books and more books, (more shoes), my art collection (courtesy of many talented friends), bowie, blondie, ancient wisdoms and new visionaries, long hot summer days and cuddles with the grandkids.

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