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Enabling vision, purpose and passion in your organisation

We love to work with CEOs, founders and senior leaders on an organisational level in your business. To really understand what your business is all about, where it is now, where you want it to be and what are the key levers for change that need to shift to take the business into the future.

This enables us to devise a integrated plan which is unique to you and your business. Clients often say that they can’t believe how quickly we ‘get’ their business and what is going on and identify the key elements that are going to create change.

These programmes are generally a minimum of 12 months and can lead to ongoing relationships over a number of years. Because of the depth of these programmes we generally only work with 2-3 clients a year in this way.

How this works: 5 Key Steps

1. What is the vision? – Investigating (and potentially clarifying) with the CEO/Founder what the vision is for the business and where they want it to be.

2. Discovery Phase – Talking to different levels and parts of the business to find out what is working and not, how people feel and what needs to change. Our Discovery Process often provides big insight, value and clarity for our clients even before we begin the practical work.

3. Plan of Action – A broad plan of action agreed with the business. What is the scope of the work? What is the focus? Where will create the change?

4. Leadership work begins – ideally from the top down! We start to work with and develop your people. This is beyond traditional training and development – we are catalysts for change, always connected to the biggest objectives the CEO/founder wants to shift in the business.

5. Discover and refine – our initial plans are just that, only plans. Once we start working with you we discover what REALLY needs to change. Our process is agile and dynamic, always looking for the next piece of the jigsaw that needs to change. This leads to updates and conversations with the leadership so that we are always creating the biggest impact possible.

We have over 10 years experience working with all kinds of organisations – in diverse sectors, big and small. Get in touch and we can discuss your unique requirements and tell you more about what we have achieved with our clients.

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