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Harnessing the collaborative and co-creative power of teams

We believe in the transformational power of teams. That when teams are truly powerful entities that recognise and build on each individual’s passions and strengths they can be life-changing for those who are part of them. So often, however, teams are built on hierarchies and siloed mentalities which create all sorts of problems for the organisation.
What we enable you to create are teams that are truly collaborative and co-creative, where there is the trust for each individual to be all of themselves, where challenge is a good thing and where the group are in tune with the biggest potential to be realised in any given moment.

Key elements in our work with teams are:

Insights Discovery – a powerful individual and team profiling tool that builds trust, develops self-awareness and builds appreciation of others’ styles. A really powerful tool at the start of any group activity.

Clarity on vision – who is the leader/source of this team? What do they want to create? How does this vision live and breathe in the team?

Team dynamics – creating true passion, clarity and accountability in team members so that everyone knows what they are responsible for and is passionate about delivering it.

Mindset and behaviour – how to work with your mindset, beliefs and behaviour to create the impact you want to create.

Having Powerful Conversations – developing the ability to really present, to sense and name potential and to be able to truly collaborate for the biggest outcome.

Challenge as creative potential – we help people develop the ability to be able to positively challenge and work with the tension that can emerge in order to be able to discover the most impactful, positive solutions.

Our work with teams can be everything from a big company-wide event, to a 1 or 2 day course to a 6 month programme. We’d love to chat to you about your individual need.

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