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What happens when you as a leader lose your mojo?

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May 5, 2017

It happens to us all. Those times when you just feel 'off'. When we’ve lost our Mojo. When we just can’t seem to summon the energy for what we want to do. This can feel unsettling for any of us. But what happens when you are leading others who look to you for their lead? How do you stay true to what you are going through and at the same time, be able to focus on what others need from you too?

Those who know me know that I am passionate about people living a meaningful life from the truth of who they are. I believe completely that when you live from there and your work is aligned, you will be happier and more satisfied. However it’s also true that when you’re challenging yourself to be all that you can be and to truly have the life you want then you will also have challenging times and times when you are having to face up to your own inner demons.

What I have observed many times over is that a leader's pathologies will play out in a business. What do I mean by that? Well, if the leader is afraid of failure and works all hours so that they avoid this, then this will become endemic in the culture of the business. If this is true, then it is essential that we as leaders clear out these patterns, behaviours and influences that don't serve us or others.

I love this quote from Olympic Gold Medallist Kristin Armstrong:

"Times of transition are strenuous, but I love them. They are an opportunity to purge, rethink priorities, and be intentional about new habits. We can make our new normal any way we want."

If you as a leader are on a journey to be the best you can be, to evolve and use the challenges you face to consciously grow then you can constantly recreate your 'new normal’.

The most important thing is to be authentic. No-one actually expects you to be perfect or to be upbeat all the time. Showing and sharing your vulnerabilities as appropriate can be very powerful and inspire your people to do the same. People respond to and are loyal to human beings - not polished versions of what we are trying to be.

So what can help you move through these transitions and regain your mojo?

1. Connection to a bigger purpose - when you have clarity on what you’re here to do (your bigger purpose or vision) and the journey you are on, you can stay on track even when things get challenging. You know what what you are going through is in service of this bigger goal and you can stay connected to that.

2. Raise/shift your energy - sometimes raising your energy is the right thing to do. To run, be in nature, meditate, dance. Do whatever reconnects you to your mojo, activates your energy and connects you to the source of who you are.

3. Surrender - sometimes we just need to feel, to have the emotions, to be. There are no 'good' or 'bad' emotions unless we choose to believe that. We need to embrace both the lighter and darker sides of ourselves so that we are the full expression of all that we can be and there is incredible value and growth in that.

4. Accept this is the true leadership journey - when you are truly on the journey to living a connected, meaningful, evolved life and your work is aligned to this, you will feel personal challenges as you let go of the self you were to become what you can be. That’s what the leadership journey really is and what you can model for others. It's not a journey for everyone but is incredibly rewarding for those who choose it.

If you are interested in exploring this journey for yourself I have a free Facebook Group, 'Living a Connected Life which provides inspiration, guidance and support on this journey.

Have a brilliant day.

Lisa Cattell

Genergy Leadership Coaching

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