Genergy Leadership Coaching


We are passionate about working with CEOs, founders and leaders who have a vision that they want to bring into the world. We help you bring that vision to life whilst also creating a passionate business that makes a difference. Our mission is to help you do this your unique way so that you love what you do, feel purpose and momentum every day and keep your energy and passion alive.


We do this by firstly working with you on what you are creating in the world and how that relates to the business you are in. Second, we show you how to light a fire in your people so that they are as passionate as you about helping you drive the vision forward. Lastly, we work on the behaviours and skills needed to have your people working co-creatively (beyond silos/agendas) as one business. This creates workplaces and communities where the individuals and therefore the organisation truly thrive.


Purpose, clarity and the passion to deliver brilliant things
What we deliver is clarity in the leader’s vision, connection for each individual leader (and individual) to that vision and the confidence and passion in people to deliver and make a difference. This delivers more clarity, confidence, energy, passion and alignment in your leaders and in your business.

We believe that at its simplest, people want to feel a sense of meaning and purpose in what they do and to feel personally engaged and fulfilled at work. When people feel this sense of connection, they automatically seize the opportunities to take the business forward (in fact they might bite your hand off!).