Genergy Leadership Coaching


Hi. I’m Lisa Cattell and I’m the co-founder and creative inspiration behind Genergy. Genergy was founded in 2009 by myself and my partner (now husband) Jonathan Cattell. Sitting on a beach in Brighton I told Jonathan my vision for what I wanted to create for leaders and in organisations. We joined forces and created this business together.

So why create this business? Genergy was born out of a desire to be and do different. Before founding Genergy I’d been a senior leader in business and had been working for a number of years as a coach and facilitator. My time working in corporates had left me disillusioned seeing so many people (including myself) plodding through the 9-5 and living for the weekends without a real sense of fulfilment in what they did. Then I become a coach and I knew that was powerful but working only at an individual level often the change didn’t stick and good leaders actually left the business.

So, I hope in Genergy that we have created something that is really transformational. Both for myself, Jonathan and the team and for the leaders and organisations who work with us. We work in an integrated strategic way with our clients focused on their unique leadership and businesses. And the work we do is what I call ‘profound and practical’ – it is both deep and life-changing and is also embedded in practical change on the ground.

I believe that we are all meant to live lives that have meaning and purpose and to follow our passions and the vision we have for our lives. Genergy was born out of a vision which grows and evolves every day and we love to do the same for our clients.