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You are NOT your job!

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February 17, 2017
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June 13, 2017

You are NOT your job!

Sounds obvious right? And yet how often do you hear people describe themselves as their job. We don't say 'I do doctoring', we say 'I am a doctor' or I am an HR Director or whatever. We create labels for ourselves that give us an identity, maybe some status and also allow others to understand us.

The identity trap
You may think that this isn't an issue, just a normal fact of life. However, what I know is that you and each of us is so much more than one facet of our life, our personality, the many elements of who we are. Here's where it becomes a trap - when our identity and self-worth gets caught up in our job and we think that is all we are.

I was coaching someone the other day. It was a pretty deep, profound coaching session. In the course of it she had a revelation. She realised that she had tied up her sense of self worth with her job. So, she was only of value if she had a good job and that value was also dependent on what others thought of her. If she lost her job or her boss told her she was no good it would fundamentally affect her sense of self worth, almost like she would cease to exist. Now this sounds extreme but I believe that many people create something similar, often unconsciously.

Your job is a tiny speck of who you are and what you are up to in the world

I believe that we all want to make a difference with our lives. Otherwise what's the point? I also believe that when we live from a place of our own unique vision, purpose and passion then that gives us freedom. So, when this wonderful person realised that actually she is up to big stuff in the world and that this job is just part of the jigsaw that is her life and her journey to fulfil her purpose, it created a whole new sense of freedom. When you know what you are up to in the world, when you understand your bigger purpose, when you trust that you are creating the right things to allow that purpose to come into being then anything that happens in the day to day or in one particular job is almost insignificant.

And the wonderful paradox?

That the less you are attached, the less you are worried about doing a good job/being successful/that your boss thinks you are good - the more successful you will be! Once you can stay in that helicopter view you tend to the right things - not the easiest things and not the things that will make people like you but the RIGHT things. The things that make your work and people's lives better in some way. Because you are being authentically you and when you are that, nothing can tell you are good or bad or right or wrong. You know what is true for you and you live authentically to that.

So, I'm curious. What's your bigger mission/purpose in life and how does that relate to your day job?

I really encourage you to create the time, space and freedom to step out of the day to day. To ask yourself what you love and what you are really here to create in this lifetime. Then see how your job fits into that. You are so much bigger than your job.

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